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Beer Competition Pre-Registration

If you plan to bring beer to participate in the competitions please pre-register your entry. Pre-Registration can be done by sending an email to In the email provide the following information.

First & Last name
Is beer going on style, open, or one for each
Name of the beer style(s)

Monthly Meeting Podcasts

Did you miss a meeting or want to go back and relisten to a meeting you attended? Starting with the July 2015 meeting, all meetings will now be podcasted. So, just click on the Podcasts tab above and listed to any meeting starting with the July 2015 meeting.

New BJCP Guidelines

The long awaited 2015 BJCP Guidelines have been release. The new guidlines are very different from the 2008 Guidelines. If anyone is thinking of taking the BJCP exams, they will start using the new guidelines in November 2015. For BJCP sanctioned competitions they may use either set of guidelines. Make sure you check with the competition organizer. Clike the link below to download the new 2015 BJCP Guidelines.

2015 BJCP Guidelines

Illinois House Bill 630


So, what does this mean for homebrewers?
Homebrewers now have the following requirements:
* No one under 21 years of age may homebrew, and beer may not be sold at anytime.
* The Commission must regulate the activities outside the homebrewer's residence.
* A license must be obtained if beer is offered at a festival.
* Dram Shop Liability Insurance is required.
* Samples (at festivals only) may be given to consumers, at least 21 years of age, but no more than three 2 ounce samples to each consumer. Note: Previously, these festivals gave full size beers to basically anyone who asked, which is one of the reasons why the Commission shut them down.
* Homebrewers may not brew anywhere outside the home other than at a business at a fixed location that sells supplies and offers educational classes.
* Homebrewers may hold contests at a licensed premises; however, only judges (certified by a National Homebrewing Organization) may sample the beer. At no time may the homebrewers give their beer to anyone at a licensed premises other than a certified judge.

For more information. Go to the Illinois General Assembly website for details about the bill.

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Beer In The News

Happy Hour Returns to Illinois

The Illinois state Senate has approved a bill that could loosen the state's notorious Happy Hour law.

Greg Hall Returns for Goose Island Alumni Brew

Goose Island is inviting back the brewers that made them great for a series of alumni beers to be served at their Clybourn Ave. Brew Pub. First up: Greg Hall who started with the brewery nearly three decades ago. Each beer in the series will be brewed on the pub's two-barrel system so stay tuned for release dates if you want to sample these sure to be world-class beers.

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